P.O. Box 1058
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: (207) 498-2556
Located 3 miles south of downtown Caribou on U.S. Route 1
The Caribou Historical Society was established in 1974 by a group of people dedicated to the preservation of Caribou's history. For several years the society met in a variety of places but in 1986 the group completed a mass mailing to contact current and former Caribou citizens. The society agreed that they needed a building to house the Caribou Historical Society.

The mailing was a huge success, residents, businesses, society members and expatriates throughout the United States responded the campaign netted about half of the money needed to complete the building. In a conversation with his cousins in Whittier California, Phil Soucia a Caribou resident discussed the project with family members living in Whittier, California. Mericos Whittier, a Caribou native, left Caribou in about 1900 and traveled to California, eventually becoming very wealthy in the oil business. The Whittier's were very interested in the project.

The Society raised about $36,000.00 as a result of the mass mailing, and the Whittier Family Foundation donated the remaining funds. The Historical Society was built on land donated by Mildred Hatch. The land located on the Presque Isle Road is adjacent to the Lyndon Center Cemetery. The site settled by Caribou Pioneers in 1843 was the second settlement in what was to become Caribou.

There are many research resources available at the museum:

Family Histories & Genealogies

Eaton Grant Settlers Descendants – compiled by Nancy Bubar:
Annis (first blacksmith), Brown, Bubar (3 volumes), Butler, Calkins, Doody, Drake (the first ferry operator), Hale, Kelley, Langley, Parks, Richards, Walton, Wark, Whiteneck.

Family Histories:

Collins Family 1740-1977
Chassie 1995, another Chassie history called "Ernie"
Reids & Vances "Our Aroostook Families"
History of Weidknect, Whitenach, Whiteneck
Diary of Myra Crockett
Life & Times of Grover Merrill Hardison 1885 – 1950
Lebanon Road New Sweden Families
Historical interviews of "People Past" in Caribou, Maine
Ancient Burial Ground Caribou, Maine
Freeman Wright's United Baptist Memorials to Deceased Members

Inquiries regarding research resources for family histories and genealogies can be directed to Nancy Patten Bubar via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Caribou Historical Society established a "Friends" of the Society program in 2004 designed to give recognition to those special individuals or organizations who generously support the Society in its efforts to preserve the past. To request information regarding the Society, please contact the Caribou Historical Society, P.O. Box 861, Caribou, Maine 04736.

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